PEI Site Coordinator


PEI Site Coordinator position:

Under the supervision of the Director of the Public Education Initiative, the Site Coordinator assists in the implementation of the Public Education Initiative, a volunteer tutoring program of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland (Federation). The Site Coordinator supports all efforts to recruit, train and manage volunteers as tutors at all partner school sites within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD). The Site Coordinator supervises the PEI Fellow on a day to day basis, in partnership with the Director. In addition, the Site Coordinator helps to support other efforts to enhance school climate in order to enrich the ongoing partnership between the Federation and the CMSD. The Site Coordinator is a position with the vast majority of time spent at the program’s school sites.

The Site Coordinator position is a part time position. It assumes 16-18 hours of work on-site, each week during the school year, with an additional 2-4 hours of work at home or at Federation’s offices. Traveling from site to site is expected as part of the position, and part of the work day. Mileage between the sites (not to or from home) is reimbursable according to the typical Federation mileage allowance. The Site Coordinator is a seasonal Federation staff person. It is expected that the Site Coordinator will work from early August through early June.

Essential Functions:

Program Development
  1. Be the “face of the Federation” as the contact at each school site for each volunteer, teacher, staff professional, and principal.
  2. Serve as liaison with teachers, principals and other school staff as needed
  3. Work to recruit and retain, and recognize volunteers.
  4. Schedule and place volunteers in satisfactory matches with students.
  5. Coordinate efforts of each volunteer with his or her student; reassign volunteers as needed in response to absences, transfers, vacations, and field trips.
  6. Provide ongoing feedback to the PEI Director, tutors, teachers and principals.
  7. Coordinate clear and consistent messaging among volunteers, teachers, and CMSD staff working alongside the Director.
  8. Be an enthusiastic supporter of public education, the value of one-to-one tutoring, and the vital importance of building reading and language skills among children in our greater community.
  1. In coordination with administrative staff at Federation, compile and update contact lists of volunteer information (names, addresses, emails, preferred phone numbers).
  2. Ensure that tutors have necessary materials and information, i.e., nametags, folders, prizes, etc.
  3. Compile student assessment data as requested on an as -needed basis for reports or development opportunities (grants and donations).
  4. Assist in planning training sessions and events that support the efforts of PEI.
  5. Keep PEI Director updated on ongoing issues, problems, and successes with students, volunteers, and staff.
  6. Supervise PEI Fellow on-site, in coordination with PEI Director.

Additional Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Assist Director with communications including e-newsletters, surveys, thank you notes, phone calls, e-mails and special event planning.
  2. Assist PEI Director with any other relevant duties, as needed.
  3. Step in as a tutor when needed (if volunteers are absent or the PEI Fellow is unavailable).


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics:
  1. Basic computer skills, knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
  2. Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate effectively with volunteers, CMSD staff and students.
Education, Training and/or Experience:
  1. Bachelor's degree required; Master's degree preferred.
  2. Volunteer management experience preferred.
  3. Experience (volunteer or professional) in public school settings preferred.

If you are qualified and interested in this exceptional opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter, in a pdf format, to .