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Key Messages

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When speaking up in support of Israel, it can help to have some language to use as a starting point. Here are some suggestions.

Regarding the War with Hamas

  • There is nothing the Jewish people want more than peace.
  • In 2005, Israel voluntarily exited from Gaza in a committed effort to create a peaceful existence for both the people of Israel and its Palestinian neighbors. Since then, Israel has been under constant threat from Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization that established itself in 2007 as the area’s governing power. Sources: Times of Israel, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Hamas has been clear in charter and consistent in message – Hamas is driven by a hatred of Jews and the goal to annihilate Jews and the state of Israel. Source: ADL
  • The president of the United States, the United States Congress, leaders of the European Union, Germany, and the United Kingdom all support Israel’s right to protect its citizens. Source: Whitehouse.gov
  • We grieve for the loss of all innocent lives. Israel is taking extraordinary actions to minimize civilian deaths, while Hamas is committing war crimes to maximize the loss of innocent lives, such as using human shields. Sources: Jerusalem Post, Washington Post​
  • Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones in Gaza, and we mourn the loss of all innocent lives.

Regarding Ceasefire Agreements

  • There was a ceasefire agreement in place on October 6, 2023. The next day – October 7 – Hamas brutally murdered 1,200 people, injuring thousands more and taking hundreds hostage.​ Learn more about the victims.
  • Since the Hamas attack, Israel has agreed to six ceasefires. Within minutes of the first agreement, Hamas violated the terms and began firing rockets at Israeli civilian locations again. Israel also agreed to other ceasefire agreements since that Hamas has refused.​ Sources: Times of Israel, Times of Israel​, Reuters, Haaretz, New York Times, AP, Reuters
  • Those who are calling for a ceasefire before Hamas is removed from power and the hostages are freed are only enabling Hamas to get stronger and repeat the atrocities of October 7, as it has pledged to do. Likewise, they are falsely painting Israel as the aggressor in this war that was forced upon them. Source: Times of Israel​
  • That false narrative is further fueling an increase in anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric that is having a devastating effect on Jewish students, as well as  Jews in Cleveland and throughout the world.​

Regarding Surging Antisemitism (Hatred of Jews)​

  • Over the years, when Israel has responded to attacks on its citizens by Hamas, the terrorist organization has strategically positioned itself as the victim of Israeli aggression and sought international pressure to condemn Israel.
  • And, each time, it sparks a notable rise in hatred towards Jews around the world.​
  • In the United States, hate crimes against Jews are up 360% since Hamas viciously murdered more than 1,200 innocent people – including parents and their babies – injured thousands more and kidnapped hundred others. Sources: Axios​​, ​Times of Israel​​
  • This surge includes threats and violence directed towards Jewish individuals, institutions, and businesses. The actions and rhetoric of Hamas supporters are only escalating tensions rather than promoting peace.
  • "From the river to the sea" means the elimination of the Jewish people – not the liberation of the Palestinian people.​ Source: AJC​
  • We must work together to combat all forms of hate. When one community is attacked, all communities are attacked.​