Official Statement from Cuyahoga County Police Chiefs Association

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The following statement was issued by the Cuyahoga County Police Chiefs Association on January 1, 2020:

This past week, the Jewish community was again targeted in a violent, anti-Semitic attack – this time in Monsey, New York. The Cuyahoga County Police Chiefs Association condemns such cowardly acts, which are painful reminders of the damage that can be caused by hate and ignorance. We want our fellow residents to know that the brave men and women of our police forces are paying close attention to all houses of worship, as well as the diverse religious and ethnic communities that make Cuyahoga County so special. Furthermore, we will prosecute anyone who attempts to carry out an attack in our community to the fullest extent under the law - hatred has no home here.

Respectfully submitted,

Chief Michael Cannon, President
Chief Kevin Wyant, Vice-President
Chief Mike Kilbane, Secretary-Treasurer
Chief Joe Mariola, Chaplain
Chief Joe Grecol, Senior Governor
Chief Amber Dacek, Governor
Chief Odis Rogers, Governor
Chief Scott Mielke, Governor
Chief Kelly Stillman, Past President
Chief Les LaGatta, Life Member

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