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Combating the hatred confronting the Jewish people has long been a top priority of ours. Throughout the years, Federation has been a driving force in the ongoing fight against antisemitism. As anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric continues to rise, we need your help!


On October 7, 2023, the terrorist group Hamas brutally attacked innocent civilians in Israel, killing more than 1,200 people, injuring thousands more, and kidnapping more than 200 others – including parents, grandparents, and children. The response to this savage terrorist attack has fueled an exponential rise in antisemitism around the world.

Be a source of change

What You Can Do

See something/ say something

Report any potential threat or attempt of intimidation – like graffiti or an online post – immediately to law enforcement by calling 9-1-1.

Educate yourself

Gain an understanding of the conspiracy theories that fuel antisemitism for generations and how they manifest themselves in everyday life.

Jewish culture

Celebrate Jewish heritage, history, and culture; and avoid using anti-Jewish language or stereotypes, even in jest.

Talk to your children

Make them aware of hatred targeting the Jewish community and the role their generation can play in restoring the appreciation for and pride in the Jewish people.

Combating Hate

What We’re Doing

Strengthening Relationships

We have long-standing relationships with civic, faith, and business leaders throughout Greater Cleveland. We learn from one another and explore more ways we can demonstrate a deepened commitment to fight hate together.


We provide a wide range of educational programming and resources for teens and college students to help them address the antisemitism they face at school and online. We also help them build positive, supportive relationships with other segments of the school’s population to help root out the underlying factors that are feeding this hatred.

community security

Through our security provider – JFC Security, LLC – we work closely with law enforcement to help keep Jewish Cleveland open and welcoming to all. We continuously look to improve the security protocols and practices throughout Jewish Cleveland to make clear hate has no home here

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