A Look at Multi-Generational Giving

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Featuring the Zelman Family

Many Jewish Cleveland families are seeking ways to engage in multi-generational philanthropy. We asked Ann Garson, Managing Director of Funds and Foundations at the Jewish Federation of Cleveland to explain the recent surge of interest.

Why is multi-generational giving becoming more popular?

Across the nation, the largest transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is taking place. Parents and grandparents are realizing they haven’t shared their underlying motivations and meaning behind their giving. They seek to be understood, to involve the next generation, and to pass on their cherished values.

How can the Federation help?

We are helping families get these conversations started. They know how to transfer valuables, but how do they pass on values?

We create a safe space where trust is built and all family members can participate equally. We facilitate healthy collaborative family discussions around philanthropic goals, priorities, and values. Ultimately, we help navigate how a family legacy can continue on.

A family foundation can provide the structure and environment where multi-generational philanthropy can evolve and grow. It’s just one way that a family can engage to make an impact.

What is the outcome?

When a family engages in multi-generational giving, they are changed by it. They listen to each other and share in new ways across generations in a safe setting.

Really, the process is the product. And, it’s happening here through a Jewish lens.

For more information, contact Ann Garson at 216-593-2814 or agarson@jcfcleve.org.

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