A Message from Jennifer Korach

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Jennifer Korach

Women's Philanthropy Chair

One of my favorite things about being a Clevelander is the unwavering pride and fierce loyalty people who were born and raised here have in this city. Even those who have 'adopted' Cleveland as home would defend THE LAND if anyone criticizes or makes jokes about it and that happened before the Cavs FINALLY broke the curse and brought us a championship. There is no doubt that northeast Ohioans are devoted to the success of the region. Whether you were born and raised here or not, you can enumerate dozens of reasons of why you love it, what makes it special, why it's a great place to raise a family and why, even in the dark gray days of winter, no one is permitted to disparage your beloved city.

At the end of every Jewish Federation of Cleveland's Annual Campaign for Jewish Needs, I am reminded of yet another reason why I love this place. Our Jewish community is dedicated to repairing the world with unsurpassed philanthropic giving to ensure that Jews in Cleveland, Israel and 70 countries around the globe can live in dignity. It is no small feat to raise $31,672,731 from over 10,000 donors. With an army of nearly 600 lay leaders and a professional staff who solicit donors we accomplish a spectacular feat that fills me with a pride and joy for this city that is indescribable. To our donors, solicitors and dedicated professionals at the Federation I say thank you for giving me another reason to love the town I call HOME!

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