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Act Now: Contact Senators Portman and Brown to Save Medicaid

Contact Senator Rob Portman and Senator Sherrod Brown and tell them to vote NO on the American Health Care Act.

A small committee of the Senate is working to draft its version of the American Health Care Act. Following a release of a bill this week, the full Senate appears to be prepared for a vote next week. Reports are that this bill will, at best, closely mirror the recent version passed by the House of Representatives. Both versions of the bill will include enormous cuts to Medicaid that will result in devastating revenue losses for the Federation’s health and human services agencies.

The likely Senate bill, like the House version, will transform Medicaid into a per capita cap block grant, depriving the program of needed funds and passing responsibility for future funding gaps to the states, which cannot afford it. The result will be insufficient funds to care for seniors in nursing homes, people with disabilities, children and other vulnerable groups. Federation's agencies such as Menorah Park, Montefiore, JFSA and Bellefaire JCB could lose as much as 40% of their Medicaid funding over the next decade which would undermine their ability to continue providing their services.

While we appreciate Senator Portman’s efforts to create a per capita cap that takes into account medical inflationary cost increases, we remain opposed to any effort to transform Medicaid into a per capita cap block grant.

Contact Senator Rob Portman and Senator Sherrod Brown TODAY to urge them to preserve Medicaid and not convert it into any form of block grant. You can use the message below to call or email Senator Portman and Senator Brown. (If you choose to contact only one Senator, please contact Senator Portman, as he has a central role in drafting the Senate bill.)

I urge you to oppose the American Health Care Act bill that is currently being drafted in the Senate. The bill will deprive millions of people of Medicaid coverage, will reduce payments to nursing homes, doctors and behavioral and mental health providers who care for older adults, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. Transforming Medicaid into a per capita cap block grant will certainly mean that there will be insufficient funding to cover the medical needs of the most vulnerable. Vote NO on the American Health Care Act bill that will come to the Senate floor next week.

Please TELEPHONE the Senators at:
Senator Portman: 202-224-3353
Senator Brown: 202-224-2315

Or EMAIL the Senators at:
Senator Portman
Senator Brown

Stephen H. Hoffman

Gary L. Gross
Board Chair

Philip M. Cohen
Government Relations Committee Chair

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