Action Alert: Ensure Americans Can Vote Safely and Fairly

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Take Action NOW to Ensure Americans Can Vote Safely and Fairly

As our nation continues to manage its way through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Jewish Federation of Cleveland strongly believes no Ohioan should have to choose between their health and exercising their right to vote this November. Guided by a commitment to public health and Jewish values, we insist that protective measures must be taken to promote healthy election day polling places, expand in-person early voting, and enhance vote-by-mail efforts, as well as ensure voter registration accessibility. There are several steps you can take NOW to ensure Americans can vote safely and fairly.

  1. Encourage Senators Brown and Portman, as well as your House member, to ensure all possible measures are taken to guarantee that mail in ballots will be counted in a fair and timely way.
  2. Encourage Secretary of State Frank LaRose to reconsider his decision to only allow one ballot drop box per county. In light of the expected significant increase in mail in ballots due to the pandemic, it is critical that populous counties like Cuyahoga County have multiple secure drop boxes. This will reduce pressure on the post office and make it easier for everyone to vote safely during the pandemic. Email Secretary of State LaRose or call 877-SOS-OHIO (877-767-6446 x1).
  3. Make a voting plan and urge your friends, families, and neighbors to do the same.
  4. Check your voter registration status here.
  5. Request your mail in ballot NOW and then vote as soon as possible. You can drop your ballot at the secure drop box at the Board of Elections 24 hours a day OR vote early in person at the Board of Elections.
  6. Encourage the less vulnerable young people in your life to be poll workers. Cuyahoga County needs 4,500 poll workers alone to open all of its polling places.

All ballots, whether by mail or in person, are equally valid. Ballots postmarked the day before the election and received within 12 days of the election are valid votes. Given the heavy numbers of mail ballots anticipated and concerns about post office delays, it is possible we will not know the results of both local and national elections as quickly as we are accustomed. We need to be patient and understand that getting democracy right is more important than getting it fast. Together as a community we can ensure safe and accessible elections this November.

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