Israel Restoration Ministries

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We have received reports that Israel Restoration Ministries, a Messianic organization, has returned to our area to evangelize. This group is trying to engage Jewish individuals in religious discussions while distributing their proselytizing packets.

The Federation is unequivocally committed to the free exercise of religion and the constitutional right of free speech, and we oppose discrimination of any sort. However, deceptive use of elements of our faith demeans the very symbols and traditions which have inspired us throughout our three thousand year history. We are concerned about these efforts to misrepresent sacred ideals of Judaism and convert Jews who are in search of community and identity. “Messianic Jews” or “Hebrew Christians” frequently target the most vulnerable in our community, and we are strongly opposed to this strategy.

We recommend that members of our community not engage members of Israel Restoration Ministries and not provide any personal information. If you receive a packet, please send it back or simply recycle it. Please do not ask for more packets. While it may seem that this tactic will prevent more vulnerable people from receiving packets, in actuality it increases the group’s statistics for mass distribution and fundraising.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Debbie Klein, Assistant Managing Director of the Community Relations Committee, at 216-593-2834 or .

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