Arts & Culture Mission to Israel

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Jewish Clevelanders are taking an extraordinary cultural journey to Israel with the Cleveland Israel Arts Connection! Together, the group is exploring the provocative, cutting edge, and world-class array of Israel's music, theater, dance, visual arts, architecture, and literature. They’re connecting with familiar artists and performers who have visited Cleveland and previewing artists for future Cleveland appearances.

Wednesday, June 10

by Hedy Milgrom

Shalom from the Jewish Federation of Cleveland's first-ever Arts and Culture Mission group! We just ended our first day with dinner overlooking the magnificent port of Haifa. We visited Kibbutz Cabri and their Gottesman Print Workshop and the Mane-Katz Museum. Tomorrow we start bright and early visiting with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and ending with a special dinner in Beit Shean. I'm so excited to be traveling with such a terrific group of art enthusiasts!

Just another day in paradise. (Photo by Yasinow)

Gottesman Print Workshop at Kibbutz Cabri. Just last year the Federation's Roe Green Gallery hosted an exhibition of just some of these beautiful works. (Yasinow)

Mane Katz Art Museum (Yasinow)

Mane Katz Art Museum (Yasinow)


Thursday, June 11

by Hedy Milgrom

Only the second day of our Israel arts and culture experience and already one member of our group declared it the best day she's ever spent in Israel! Among the highlights were meeting with amazing ceramic sculptor Varda Yatom at the Tefen Environmental Museum; attending a rehearsal of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company; and ending the day with a spectacular dinner with our friends in Beit Shean at the home of one of the "Mevashlot" cooking group. Simply extraordinary.

Varda Yatom at the Tefen Environmental Museum (Yasinow)

Spectacular dinner in Beit Shean

Our Group (Photo by Hedy Milgrom)

Home to the world renown Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. KCDC visited Cleveland last November as part of the Cleveland Israel Arts Connection in partnership with our friends at DanceCleveland. (Yasinow)


Friday, June 12

by Debbie Yasinow

Meeting with Nadav Lapid, director of "The Kindergarten Teacher." His film will be screened at the Cleveland Museum of Art later this summer. (Yasinow)

Shabbat dinner Friday night (Milgrom)


Saturday, June 13

Last night, we saw “The Dybbuk” at the Gesher Theater. We all agreed it was among the finest if not the finest play we'd ever seen! (Yasinow)

At the Gesher Theater ready to see "The Dybbuk. The play will be in Russian w/English subtitles.

With master violin maker Amnon Weinstein. (Yasinow)

Walking tour of "The White City." Tel Aviv's Bauhaus architecture. (Yasinow)


Sunday, June 14

Part of an extraordinary glass exhibit at the Eretz Israel museum. (Milgrom)

With composer Oded Zahavi. He will be in residency this fall at CIM as part of Violins of Hope. (Yasinow)

Bravo! Phenomenal show. If I lived here I would be at the theater every night. Here we are speaking with some cast members after the performance. (Yasinow)

The Israeli production of Hair is out of this world! A picture of Mike and me in front of the billboard. (Milgrom)

A picture of the group on the stage of theater following the performance. We got to have a conversation with two of the actors. Another "wow!" (Milgrom)


Monday, June 15

Morning meeting with Best-Selling Israeli author Eshkol Nevo. Hopefully we'll see him in Cleveland next spring! (Yasinow)

Meeting & tour with Raphie Etgar, curator of Museum on the Seam. (Yasinow)

Visiting master silversmith Boaz Yemini in Jerusalem. (Yasinow)


Tuesday, June 16

A Lovely tour at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem. (Yasinow)

Architectural Tour of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.(Yasinow)

A preview of an upcoming fall exhibition at the Federation's Roe Green Gallery featuring Israeli Art from the Levin Collection. (Yasinow)

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