Continuing Quality Care to Bellefaire JCB Residents

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The onset of COVID-19 has placed many at risk, but none more so than those living in congregate care. This was of great concern to Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau, a Federation beneficary agency, whose Shaker Heights campus is home to 90 individuals. Among those residents is Emily*, a young adult resident in Bellefaire’s Monarch Hall group home for individuals with autism. Emily is non-verbal and prone to GI and other infections so when her low grade fever began to rise, Monarch Hall staff wasted no time in seeking medical attention. A trip to a local hospital confirmed that Emily indeed was fighting an infection but all were surprised when the mandatory COVID-19 test came back positive. Fortunately Emily exhibited no symptoms of the virus and was able to return home to Monarch Hall following a brief hospitalization to get her infection under control.

Emily’s positive test triggered the implementation of Bellefaire’s COVID safety plan to ensure the health and safety of the other residents and staff of Monarch Hall. This included isolating Emily and the other residents in their private apartments and issuing PPE to staff and clients as appropriate. Because of the positive diagnosis, even though Emily was asymptomatic, staff were issued N95 masks, the highest level of protection available.

Without the support of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, Bellefaire JCB would not have been able to successfully navigate this plan. Your Federation prioritized the needs of Bellefaire JCB in the community consortium that purchased critically needed N95 masks. Bellefaire JCB is grateful for the 5,000 N95 masks that were purchased for our agency. The direct service staff at Bellefaire remain understanding and responsive during the pandemic, enabling the agency to ensure the seamless continuation of care in residential programs and to use measures, including telehealth, to maintain contact and counseling when appropriate and available.

*Name changed to protect identity of client

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