Jewish Cleveland Becomes First Faith-Based Community in the United States to Link Security Camera System Directly to 24-hour Emergency Communications Center

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The Jewish Federation of Cleveland today announced that its security provider, JFC Security, LLC (JFC Security), has launched a new, technology-based community monitoring system that is directly linked to a 24-hour emergency communications center. The system – which utilizes more than 700 sophisticated, 360-degree view security cameras and 26 automated license plate readers – provides a live feed to the communications center, where trained security personnel watch for suspicious behavior or anomalies to typical day-to-day activities.

The system created and implemented by JFC Security comprises Jewish institutions across northeast Ohio and is the first of its kind in the United States. It is modeled after similar systems currently being used successfully in various European cities.

“The creation of this system is part of our ongoing efforts to help keep Jewish Cleveland open, welcoming, and safe to all in the face of growing Jew hatred and antisemitic violence in our society,” said Keith Libman, chair of the Cleveland Federation’s Security Committee. “This advanced system transforms passive security cameras into a real-time monitoring tool. When it comes to community security, it is always better to ‘review and rule out’ than ‘respond’ after the fact.”

The system was recently featured at the 2022 National Homeland Security Conference in a session called Creating Public/Private Partnerships to Protect Faith Based Communities. This annual conference brings together hundreds of professionals from across the country with backgrounds in homeland security, law enforcement, fire and emergency management to learn best practices in homeland security and see new emerging technology to support their mission.

“Our new system accelerates the two-way communications with law enforcement at a time when Jewish institutions and lives are under a greater threat,” said Oren Baratz, Federation’s senior vice president of external affairs. “It’s a natural complement to the extensive safety training we do throughout the community.”

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