Meet a JVN Volunteer: Seth Balkanyi

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We’re so grateful to JVN’s incredible leadership team! This committee, chaired by Marty Shankle, meets bimonthly to spearhead new and existing volunteer opportunities in the Cleveland Jewish and general communities. Get to know committee member Seth Balkanyi.

Why is volunteering important to you?

Growing up, my parents were always willing to help any friends, theirs or mine, who needed it in any capacity. I took that mentality to heart. For me, there are so many small, but heartfelt, ways to make other people feel heard, valued, and cared for who may not be quite as fortunate. It’s a value my wife and I share and one we want to instill in our children.

What has been your favorite JVN experience?

This year's Good Deeds Day was special for me. I was lucky enough to partner with the incredible PJ Library/Federation staff to execute a family-oriented mitzvah project. Having my own family participate in this event, as well as some close friends and their kids, helped me emphasize to those I care about why volunteering and helping others can be simple, fun, and also so important.

What is a goal you have as a committee member of JVN?

I am working on finding ways for JVN to partner with local Jewish youth organizations to increase attendance and find ways to create volunteer programs for young families.

What is your favorite Shabbat tradition?

It's fairly simple but having Shabbat dinner with my family and just trying to block out all the other noise after a long week is my favorite. I also like to try and read to my kids The Friday Nights of Nana, one of my favorite PJ Library books.

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