Meet Arthur

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Meet Arhur

When we met Arthur, he was happy. He was more than happy. His hair was combed and his clothes were washed. His apartment was clean and his table was set for dinner. Arthur said he wasn’t always like this. He was a double-leg amputee in a wheelchair, living in a walk-up apartment building in the remote town of Murmansk, Russia (that’s a 22 hour train ride from the nearest city of St. Petersburg). When Arthur’s wife died, he felt completely alone in the world and he couldn’t even get out of bed to start his day. And, then, the small community of 1,500 Jews rallied around him and changed his life forever. Our Cleveland community supports a vital program called Chesed, which cares for people like Arthur. They sent a home care aide named Genia to make sure he was safe and happy. Now, Arthur says, “Maybe one day she will marry me!”

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