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Onward Israel Cleveland participant Sam Feuer shares her experience as an intern at Film Platform.

Right from the start of arriving in Israel last Thursday the excitement began. Navigating my way to the hostel I stayed in the first night was an interesting experience and the people I met there were even more interesting. Tel Aviv is truly a melting pot of people from all over the world.

After a long day of meetings and getting better acquainted with the other participants, we got to move into our apartments on Allenby that have an awesome view. I made sure to get to the room first so that I got the walk-out balcony room, and man am I happy I did! So much has happened since moving in this week, but my favorite parts so far have to be visiting the beach and all of the food I’ve eaten. I made it my goal to try as many different foods as I can while here and so far I’m more than satisfied.

As for my internship, it’s with the company Film Platform, which sells documentaries and educational films. Although the work is tough, it’s a great experience and definitely helping get me more prepared for the job market back home; I’ve even started planning a private movie screening for the Masa programs. All in all, this first week has been awesome and I just hope the rest of the trip is the same!

Please feel free to contact me at sfeuer@kent.edu, for any questions or more information about the Israel Experience, Onward Cleveland program.

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