Meet Sydney: Caring for Aging Holocaust Survivors

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Meet Sydney. Every week, Sydney visits an elderly woman in her home. "She's a survivor and she's been through a lot," shared Sydney. "She only leaves her house for doctor's appointments. She doesn't feel confident to be out in the world. She's homebound basically."

This is the case for many of the 1,000 Holocaust survivors living in our community. They face poverty, loneliness, and depression; but, they are important members of our community. We must not forget them.

Working as a volunteer, through our partner, Jewish Family Service Association (JFSA), Sydney tries to help her feel less isolated. They talk about what life was like and she seems grateful that her past is appreciated. As Sydney puts it, she brings a little bit of sunshine, a little hello.

"You think as a volunteer you're giving to someone else but you get back so much more. It's empowering to be with her - what she's been through and she doesn't complain. She always says, 'and this is good too. And this is good too.'"

Stories like Sydney's are made possible by your generosity to the Campaign for Jewish Needs. Join us as we aspire to leave no community member behind in Cleveland, Israel, and 70 Countries around the globe. Donate today.

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