Meet Zach: Internship Spotlight

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My name is Zach Izeman and I am doing my internship at a local theater company called The Stage.

The Stage is Tel Aviv’s Premier English-Language Performing Arts Organization. Through out the years The Stage puts on a number of events such as; Improv shows, poetry slams, straight plays, and musicals. This summer the show they are rehearsing for is "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee!"

Spelling Bee is a musical about six teenagers fighting to win their local spelling bee. What I have enjoyed a lot about this experience is that it is my first time working with professional actors in a production. In the past I have worked at a youth theater, and this experience showed me a whole new dynamic of how to put on a show! During my internship I am helping a lot with marketing the show throughout Tel Aviv. I worked with the marketing team to write press releases, and helped put together advertisements around the city. At rehearsals, I assist the director who is also in the cast. Now that I am working in a school in a drama class I can't wait to bring back new ideas!

Interning at The Stage has been an amazing experience, and I can't thank Onward Israel and Israel Experience enough for this opportunity.

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