Message from Michelle Hirsch, Women IN Philanthropy Chair

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Welcome to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland’s Women IN Philanthropy – where Jewish women who are INvolved, INspired, and INclusive connect and make a difference. Our mission is to bring engaged women with shared values together to leverage our collective power and strengthen our community. Whatever your passion is, Women IN Philanthropy invites you to join forces and change lives together. There’s no ego, just one big eco-system of Jewish women who want to do more, give more, be more.

We want to hear from you. Why you do what you do? What’s your “IN”?  We want to collaborate and partner with you and your desire to make a difference.

Keep your eyes open for new and exciting programs and initiatives coming your way.

I look forward to leading this INcredible community of Women IN Philanthropy.

- Michelle Hirsch, Women IN Philanthropy Chair

"Women IN Philanthropy is truly an initiative for each and every one of us no matter where you give of your time and talent. It's the ability to learn from one another, to share and enjoy the camaraderie of other like-minded women. The time has arrived for each of us to share what INspires us so we can collectively INfluence our world."

- Enid Rosenberg

“I am very excited to see the launch of the Federation’s new Women IN Philanthropy Initiative.  I think it is creative, innovative way to engage Jewish women from the entire community, no matter what their philanthropic goals are.  There are no limits to what a diversity of thoughts can accomplish!”
- Beth Brandon

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