Uncorked in Beit Shean

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Cleveland "Volunteer Beit Shean" participants take a break from volunteering to experience the Weitzman Winery.

Cleveland's sister city of Beit Shean, Israel has a hidden gem – or should we say a hidden vine. Yitzchak Weitzman’s passion for wine began as a child, when his family would enjoy homemade wine on their dinner table. In order to turn his love of wine into something he could share with others, Yitzchak began to study the chemistry and theory of wine. The Weitzman Winery first opened its doors in 2006 with a pilot run of 1,000 bottles. Today, the Weitzman Winery in Beit Shean prides itself on combining tradition, modern technology, and an overall love of nature to produce more than 5,000 bottles of wine every year.

The Weitzman Winery is also a popular tourist site in Beit Shean, especially for Clevelanders. Many visitors to the winery also enjoy preparing for and welcoming Shabbat there.

For more information on Weitzman Winery or Beit Shean, contact Tal Rothstein at trothstein@jcfclevele.org or 216-593-2861.

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