Volunteer of the Month: Sylvia Morrison

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Find out how Sylvia Morrison is making an IMPACT! on volunteering.

Q – How did you learn about IMPACT!?

Since the IMPACT! program began, I’ve been receiving the monthly emails about all the many opportunities available through Federation where I can make a difference doing some type of community service. It’s such a great vehicle to communicate.

Q – What IMPACT! volunteer opportunities do you participate in?

I was asked to visit older residents who are living permanently in area nursing homes, from Strongsville to Garfield Heights and points in-between. An organization near Columbus called LifeBio created a terrific booklet that follows a process to cover all the important aspects of a person’s life, including photos as well. I am a writer by training – a 42-year career in advertising & marketing – so it was a natural assignment for me. I spent at least an hour with each person and asked relevant questions. Most importantly, I listened to their wonderful life stories which will later be turned into ‘published’ books to be shared with friends, family, and staff who care for them.

Q – How has IMPACT! assisted you in choosing your volunteer options?

Being involved with IMPACT! has shown me the breadth of opportunities available where I can participate in a meaningful way – especially now that I am retired and able to give more of my time back to this community. These mitzvot are gratifying, and this assignment was a phenomenal experience. I could see that sitting with these wonderful older people who have lived full lives and showing an interest, truly brightened their day. I learned from this generation. After I completed my tenth interview, Tina, the woman I had just chatted with, asked me if I had enjoyed interviewing her & writing up her LifeBio. I assured her I had. Then, she took my hand and kissed it. That really says it all.

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