Young Family Connects to Judaism Through jHUB

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Molly and Steve first learned about jHUB online. They had recently moved to Cleveland (Molly grew up here, but Steve is from the west coast) and were looking to connect. Molly is Jewish, and Steve does not identify with any faith. When they came to Cleveland, they were looking for other similar couples with whom they could connect, so they signed up for the jHUB newsletter and started learning about jHUB events. They came to an event for young adults and were excited to meet other similar couples with whom they could become friends. They also went on the Cleveland Honeymoon Israel trip, and during that that immersive experience they forged strong bonds with 19 other couples. After the trip, Molly and Steve continued to come to jHUB events. They also regularly meet with their Honeymoon Israel friends for Shabbat, book club, and other gatherings.

When Molly and Steve were pregnant, they reached out to Rabbi Melinda to talk about the different possibilities for a naming. Molly’s parents were placing expectations on the couple for how to raise the child, and Molly and Steve were seeking advice. They discussed different possibilities with Rabbi Melinda for how they could celebrate the birth of their child in a Jewish framework and also discussed skills to communicate with Molly’s parents. The baby was born in March and in the current environment, a naming has been delayed. However, Molly and Steve recently participated in a jHUB Zoom meetup for new parents and are continuing their relationship with jHUB and Honeymoon Israel couples, even getting together at a safe distance for walks with other couples and their babies. Molly and Steve have also signed up to receive PJ Library books and to join a PJ Library playgroup.

Molly and Steve are making Cleveland their home and are thrilled to be part of a community that values them for who they are and where they now have strong friendships.

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