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Chanukah 2015

From the Desk of Stephen H. Hoffman

The front page of the New York Times on Friday (yes, I still read it) had a story on how Americans are now looking over their shoulders as they go to work or send their kids off to school. To my eye it read a lot like what I experienced in Israel recently and what I hear from my friends there. And now we are all contemplating the “real story” behind the attack in San Bernardino or whether Paris can happen here.

In short, these are unsettled times as Americans and as Jews.

Yet as we prepare to celebrate Chanukah tonight we are reminded that miracles can happen. We should not give in to our fears; we should not despair for the future. We can experience two kinds of miracles – the one from above and the one we create. Each day as we light an additional candle we will remember the miracle from above in the days of the second Temple. As we add even more light to a dark world, Dan Zelman, our menschie 2016 Campaign chair, and his hundreds of volunteers, are adding light to our community’s future capacity to leave no Jew behind in Cleveland and around the world. They are creating miracles in our community. If you have already made your pledge to the community, thank you. If not, and you’re ready to be part of a miraculous Jewish community, please contact us. We are stronger together – here at home, in Israel, and around the world.

A Happy Chanukah to all,
Stephen H. Hoffman

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