June Update from Women's Philanthropy

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This time each year we start brainstorming ideas to broaden our connections within Women’s Philanthropy and our community. We evaluate what has been so that we are constantly building a stronger foundation for the future. Interestingly enough, what I no longer hear is "we have always done it that way." Instead what I hear most often is "what about..." Respect for the past is prevalent in each discussion with an eye towards connecting us into the future. Certainly the success of our Women Leaning In Event, Women’s Spring Luncheon, and our first Power of Women (POW!) event are testament to bringing the story forward.

With the advent of our new Leadership Training initiative spearheaded by Jennifer Cohen, we are trying to expand our skill set and nurture our strength within. It seems to be working, because more and more often as I enter a room, I find myself not recognizing a large number of the participants. To me that means our effort to connect more people is paying off in all the wonderful, interesting, and dedicated women I have the pleasure to meet. Credit goes to all our leaders and volunteers who have chosen to invite a friend to share their passions.

But walking in the door isn't enough. We need to constantly be mindful of how to make the experience meaningful and transferable to our everyday life. To that end, the Federation has created a program to further enhance our ability to lead a meeting, speak in public, read the committee reports and organization financials, and teach us to become full participants with enhanced skills. I plan to take advantage of this exciting new program. What a great opportunity to learn and grow. So as I have said in each of my letters, calls us, text, email or whatever medium you choose.  It's all good as long as you stay in touch.

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