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Message from Stephen H. Hoffman

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The concept of denial can cut two ways. We can be in a state of denial. That’s how I feel when I read a New York Times story on anti-Semitic attacks being aimed at Jewish journalists covering the presidential election. First I felt deep sadness, literally a physical deep breath and sigh. I want to deny the continued existence of intense anti-Semitism in American political life in 2016. We’re past this, right?

I guess not. ADL says it can’t even keep up with it.

Then there’s the other side of denial – the denial of Jewish historic connections to Jerusalem, to the Western Wall, to the Temple Mount – long mouthed by Arafat and now UNESCO! It’s right up there with Holocaust deniers, like David Irving.

All this was running through my head as I sat in a movie theater this week watching a film titled Denial – the story of historian Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt’s court battles in London against David Irving. He accused her of libel when she called him a Holocaust denier! And under British law she had to prove that he was a liar – not the other way around as it would be in our courts.

The movie was riveting. I know her. I spent a day in the London courtroom with Lee Kohrman watching the trial.

You should see this movie. It opened on October 21. Watch the movie trailer here. You won't regret it!

Stephen H. Hoffman

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