Protecting Our Jewish Future

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My name is Jordan Berkowitz. I am a campaigner. I am also a parent. I notice the police presence at my children’s Jewish day schools during drop off.

There is always a police officer there. And I think, this is a place where someone who wanted to do damage, could easily wreak havoc – and this is the same place I think of as our main vessel for transferring knowledge to our kids. These schools are a symbol of our Jewish future.

When I send my children to school, I feel that I am investing in our future and if we as a community don’t protect that investment, then we haven’t secured our future.

These security guards are protecting our most precious investments. And, I want to tell you that I really have pride that we are in a city with tremendous institutions and at the center is our Federation – planning, thinking, acting.

I am proud we live in a place that supports our Jewish community – where I can be openly Jewish.

When I see the police supporting us, Federation security vehicles circulating, and people standing up for us, I feel secure.

There wasn’t always this need, like there is right now, but today we see the need. Federated-giving helps us be prepared when the needs change – what it was before, what it is now – that’s why I give, why I campaign.

We are a community, a kehilla, and we are investing in our kids and our future – this is how our strong Jewish community moves forward together.

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