Aiding Families when Tragedy Strikes

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Just a year ago, Marci and Mark were busy young parents whose days revolved around their kids. Then the unexpected happened. Marci and her two boys returned from the park to find Mark unconscious. He had suffered a pulmonary embolism, and died 72 hours later.

Marci’s older son, 4-year-old CJ, attended preschool at the Jewish Community Center, a school she and Mark had picked together. It was important to her that her boys continue attending Jewish preschool and keep life as consistent as possible despite their tragic loss.

“They were having enough upheaval without me pulling them out of school and I wanted to continue building their Jewish identity,” said Marci. But she wasn’t sure if she could afford it alone.

That’s when she turned to the Jewish community for help.

The community rallied around her, offering resources and support that ensured her boys remained in a stable Jewish environment. They received the love and care of teachers and friends with whom they had built relationships. The strength of a community carried them through when they needed it most.

“Because of the outpouring of support that the Jewish community gives to the Federation, and the Federation then allocates to people in need, we are able to keep things as consistent as possible in our family,” said Marci.

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