What Inspires David, Campaign Chair

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Meet David.

This exuberant family man is chair of this year’s Federation Campaign for Jewish Needs. He and his wife are campaign donors and have solicited donations from community members.

David has visited with almost all of the Federation’s partner agencies and has participated in mini-missions in the community, including one to a Beachwood adult group home he said was an incredibly moving experience. “It made me really appreciate the needs in our community and how Federation meets those needs,” he said. “My visits to partner agencies have given me a very strong, positive feeling about the work of the Federation. These visits make me say, ‘I want to do more,’ because it’s just such an amazing feeling to see where the dollars go and how they facilitate the great work of our agencies in affecting lives.”

David’s family has taken advantage of various Federation-sponsored programs, including trips his children took to Israel through the Birthright and Onward Israel programs. He said the Federation makes sure everyone is looked after and kept secure on those trips. Without the Federation, he said Cleveland’s Jewish community would realize a void, as there would not be “smart, committed people looking out for the best interests of our local Jewish community as a whole. Without the Federation and without federated giving, we’d be at a loss in terms of what the most effective ways of giving are and what would have the most impact on lives.”

David said the campaign helps meet the needs of the community, from feeding the hungry to caring for the sick to forming Jewish identities and building a strong Jewish future. “The needs in our community among the Jewish people are significant. That is what the campaign goes to support,” he said. “It is fulfilling our Jewish obligation to care for each other.”

With David’s support, we are helping change and save lives in Cleveland, Israel, and 70 countries around the globe.   Donate Now  

Fast Fact: 91 cents of every dollar goes directly to the community for priority programs and services. Learn more about the Campaign for Jewish Needs here.

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