Why the Kerteszes Love Super Sunday!

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Both Kerry and Daryl Kertesz have been involved with the Federation for most of their lives. This year, Super Sunday will be unforgettable as they will be co-chairing the event supporting the annual Campaign for Jewish Needs.

We sat down with Kerry and Daryl to find out how they’re gearing up for September 25 and calling on the community to help out.

Q – What does it mean to be a co-chair?

A: It’s an honor to be asked to co-chair Super Sunday. We’re a younger family with younger kids and find it important to give our time to help our community.

Q – What does Super Sunday mean to you?

A: Jewish agencies in Cleveland have touched our lives – from our synagogue to Camp Wise to grandparents at Montefiore. Super Sunday gives us the opportunity to pay it back.

Q – How can the community get involved with Super Sunday?

A: Just showing up and being part of the atmosphere, part of the excitement – it energizes the people making phone calls. We know not everyone feels comfortable getting on the phone, so we have other things going on so people can come and feel comfortable.

Q – Why is Super Sunday so much fun?

A: Super Sunday is exciting. There is so much energy from people making phone calls, activities going on, the kids doing projects for the holidays. You get into your zone and it becomes easy and fun.

Come have fun with the Kertesz’s and the entire Jewish community at Super Sunday on September 25 at the Jewish Federation of Cleveland. Register Now!

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