Gedalya's Story

Under the hot Israeli sun stands a soldier. Beneath his battered helmet, a lock of red hair; behind his sunglasses, twinkling blue eyes that survey the scene. This Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) paratrooper and combat medic is a long way f.rom his home in Cleveland, OH but he’s right where he wants to be

“I came to Israel willing to die for this country. I came here with a dream to make a difference.”

Gedalya graduated from Jewish day schools and participated in religious youth groups, entering his adult life with the strength, courage and passion to fight for something he believed in: Israel. As soon as he was able, Gedalya left his hometown in Cleveland for his homeland in Israel.

“I am defending Jews around the world… defending Jewish freedom. Be proud!” said Gedalya in a letter to his parents, “This is my dream. It’s all of our dreams.”

Ensuring our Jewish Future at Home & Around the Globe


Israelis provided with emergency relief in times of terror


young adults deepened their connection to their Jewish heritage, gaining skills to become the leaders of tomorrow


people from diverse backgrounds explored the beauty of Israel and Jewish life through arts and cultural events

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