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Check out these short videos from Jewish Clevelanders sharing what inspires them to give to the Campaign for Jewish Needs .

What Inspires David F. Adler, General Campaign Chair? “Your generosity! We have been successful in meeting community needs, but there is so much more we can and must do....we are here to take care of one another."   Donate Now  

What Inspires Stanley? "I am a Holocaust survivor and I am inspired to help others…I learned that helping people is the greatest thing that anybody can do, and that’s a mitzvah – a good deed."   Donate Now  
This video is a little longer than the others, but it is an important one to watch. Thank you, Stanley, for sharing your story with our community.

What Inspires Nadav? “Helping to create a vibrant, all-inclusive Jewish community…I feel very privileged and lucky to grow up in such a secure Jewish environment.”   Donate Now  

What Inspires Emily? “Being part of something bigger than myself…Wherever I go in this world, as long as I’m part of a Jewish community, I know I’ll be home.”   Donate Now  

What Inspires David? “Taking responsibility as a young leader to help ensure a strong Jewish future…I want to make sure I’m doing what I can to help others that are less fortunate.”   Donate Now  

What Inspires Allison? “Rebuilding Jewish life in St. Petersburg, Russia, our sister city…I give to the Campaign so I can help others the way that others have helped me.”   Donate Now  

What Inspires The Chaitens? "Instilling a love of Israel in our children….I am inspired by what this community does to pass on Jewish values, religion, and pride for Israel to the next generation." Donate Now  

What Inspires Josh? "Helping others...In this community, every bit counts and helping others is what matters." Donate Now  

What Inspires Marla? “Being an advocate for women in the Jewish community…If women support each other and advocate for each other, the sky’s the limit on what we can accomplish.” Donate Now  

What Inspires Samy? "Transmitting to my children the great feeling of being Jewish…We are not alone. There are others are less fortunate and we have to help.”
Donate Now  

What Inspires Beth? "To be part of a community that really cares about one another...I feel very grateful to be in a community where there’s so much good being done." Donate Now  

What Inspires Scott? "Building Jewish community in Cleveland, Israel, and 70 countries throughout the world…through the JCC Maccabi games, Jewish kids are coming together from all over the world to bond over sports, all sharing a common Jewish identity." Donate Now  

What Inspires Sara? "The ability of creativity and the arts to help us rise above our challenges and differences and come together as one people…finding the creative voice inside helps us be in touch with our truest self and we can only be hopeful to make the world a better place." Donate Now  

What Inspires Jules? "Continuing a Jewish future from generation to generation...so that future generations will feel as safe and comfortable as we do today." Donate Now  

What Inspires Shoshana? "Being able to take care of one another in our Jewish community…The Federation cares about us, about the next generation, and the generations to come." Donate Now  

Fast Fact: 91 cents of every dollar goes directly to the community for priority programs and services. Learn more about the Campaign for Jewish Needs here.

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