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Meet Emily.

This exuberant and active high school student is blossoming into a leader in the community. This is due in no small part to the fact she has gained a greater appreciation of Jewish culture than most of her peers by attending international summer camps in the last three years, trips made possible through the Federation. “I feel like I have a vast knowledge of Jewish communities around the world. I like to consider myself a more knowledgeable person about the Jewish community,” she said.

One summer, while at camp in Hungary, Emily met a girl from Belarus who shared with her how her family had to hide their Jewish faith out of fear of retribution. “It made me feel really lucky and thankful. We always put our menorahs in our windows and never think anything about it,” she said. “It made me realize just how lucky I am to live in this community.”

Emily is eternally thankful to the Federation for supporting all the organizations in which she is involved, including the summer camps, Gross Schechter Day School and programs at Akiva High School. “I would not be the person I am without the Federation,” she said. “From day school and temple to all of my summer experiences, I feel like I have been so lucky to have the Federation be so generous with all my experiences.”

With Emily’s support, we are helping change and save lives in Cleveland, Israel, and 70 countries around the globe. 
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