Mother and Son Thrive with Bellefaire JCB Support

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Rachel* and her five-year-old son, Aaron*, have struggled for years. Rachel is the daughter of a schizophrenic father and has been involved with county social services much of her life. A single mother, Rachel has her hands full with Aaron who is high energy, scattered, and diagnosed with ADD. Rachel’s early years have left her distrusting and skeptical about receiving any outside support. Fortunately, Aaron’s pediatrician noticed that the young boy seemed to be struggling and suggested a consultation with a therapist from Bellefaire JCB, a Federation beneficiary agency.

Given Rachel’s history, the therapist knew she had to work slowly and patiently in order to build trust. Rachel was very reluctant to work with the therapist but the Bellefaire staff was patient and persistent. Soon Aaron enrolled in a Jewish Day School and his challenges became apparent to the teachers. They recommended that Aaron work with Bellefaire’s Jewish Day School counseling program. Again, Rachel was reluctant, recalling her years in the system. Bellefaire’s therapist spent two years building a relationship to ensure that Aaron would receive the services he so desperately needed.

In the three years since her first engagement with Bellefaire, Rachel has grown to value and trust her therapists. Having seen the growth that Aaron has made both at school and at home, Rachel agreed that he might benefit from enrolling in Bellefaire’s Jewish Big Brother Big Sister program. Today, Aaron is matched with a long time Bellefaire volunteer and the relationship is thriving. During the pandemic, Aaron’s big brother has delivered Shabbos dinner to their home twice a month and ensured that his relationship with Aaron continues to thrive. Bellefaire’s Jewish Day School therapist and the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters social workers both report that Rachel and Aaron are thriving.

*Names changed to protect identity of client

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