Agency Coordination Provides Quality Care During COVID-19

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Mr. L is a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor who had been living well in the community with the help of the Jewish Family Service Association (JFSA) Holocaust program. Mr. L had a fall at home and was admitted to Hillcrest Hospital in early March with a hip fracture. Unfortunately, while at the hospital, he acquired COVID-19.

Montefiore coordinated closely with the hospital, the JFSA case workers, and his family to ultimately bring Mr. L to Montefiore to be cared for in the COVID isolation unit. This unit was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a best practice to cohort COVID positive patients and put in place a specialized team of caregivers to provide expert care. Mr. L also had the benefit of having his long-time aide who was able to be with him in the COVID unit with the proper protective equipment.

After a few weeks of convalescence, Mr. L recovered from COVID and was able to go to the Montefiore short-term rehabilitation unit in order to get further physical and occupational therapy to help get him stronger. His goal is to return home so he can continue to live independently in the community.

This is a success story that only could happen in the Jewish community in Cleveland with the quality of agencies that we have and the incredible coordination between agencies. Montefiore, JFSA, and now even Menorah Park home care (which is providing some extra hours of private duty aides to keep Mr. L safe) all coordinated to ensure the safety and dignity of a treasured member of our community. A positive result was achieved because of our focus on ‘the right thing to do’ for the patient and the specialized resources and expertise that each agency brought to the table.

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